Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Final year exhibiton

***These photos are from last year. I graduated in 2011 but Blogger seems to have messed up my posts so having to post this again!***

So its been a while...

Here are some photos of my final year exhibition. I chose several of my favourite pieces of work to mount, and 'went to town' on the display. After all I only get to do this once and I really wanted to create a 'feel' to the booth I was given that reflected me and my style. My lovely lovely mother baked me 50+ cupcakes all beautifully decorated with pink and white icing and silverballs and heart (really girly haha) and I put them on display along with my cakestand and 3d mockups of my work. Really pleased with the entire display :)

Also my business cards freshly printed from Moo - I got a series of designs because I get bored easily, so used my favourite subject (food!) for the image part.

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