Saturday, 26 March 2011

John Hughes tshirts

Designed a range of t-shirts inspired by John Hughes films - Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller etc... just because I love all these films..

The actual t-shirt designs are quite girly and simple - some are hand drawn type, others illustrations. I'd really like to get them screen printed properly as so far I've just photoshopped them on to save money! Above is what would be a little fold out leaflet of all the designs and prices (made up atm).

I decided to expand the project a bit and create a label for the t-shirts - I'm thinking it would be like a small concession like you get in Topshop or something. I decided on 'Hello Diary' - the logo being a spiral bound notebook with hand-drawn type (like on the leaflet). Because the designs reference the past and have a kind of innocent teenagery feel I thought of someone finding an old diary and reminiscing at all the stuff they wrote in it - but I like brands that have weird, quirky names and don't immediately reveal what they're about. Above are some designs for the lookbook/catalogue for the brand - probably gonna merge this with the leaflet idea above somehow. Loving the photos, thanks to Yoin (photographer) and Cat (other model) for helping me out with this. 

heads will roll

This is the poster/print I designed to sell at the fundraiser last week - looove the yeah yeah yeah's and this is one of my fave songs. Might do a couple more with other songs to make a set. 

Test post.

So I finally created my blog...