Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Long time no see

I'm so rubbish at updating my blog I just don't have the time anymore! I think one of my ny resolutions was to keep updating it, even just with inspirations and things I love...but since it's June now and I still haven't updated, its part of my Half-year resolutions. Which are a great idea since no one ever sticks to them after the first week of January.

My job is going amazingly. I'm getting to do a wide range of things and learning lots of new stuff at the same time. Since moving to Cardiff I have so much more time to do my own thing and a lot more energy. I can't believe I used to do a 100 mile a day commute! I also enjoy living in Cardiff a lot more than Swansea, there's more places to go, better shops, better restaurants and I feel a lot more in the loop.

Also, I went on my 2 week placement (November) to Tigerprint which was the most fun ever! I'd love to put my work up here and show what kind of things I was working on but that's not allowed :( Well I was doing Christmas 2012 (hoow exciting) and learning all kinds of fun new things like flitter, glitter, foiling, spot varnishing etc etc I loved it. Such a fun place to work, everyone is so nice, it's like working in a toy factory or something.

I'm going to try my hardest to keep at it with the blogging thing. I've been put in charge of the blog at work and I'm honestly really enjoying doing it so I think its all a matter of getting into it.

Hopefully I'll have some more work to put up on here soon.

Final year exhibiton

***These photos are from last year. I graduated in 2011 but Blogger seems to have messed up my posts so having to post this again!***

So its been a while...

Here are some photos of my final year exhibition. I chose several of my favourite pieces of work to mount, and 'went to town' on the display. After all I only get to do this once and I really wanted to create a 'feel' to the booth I was given that reflected me and my style. My lovely lovely mother baked me 50+ cupcakes all beautifully decorated with pink and white icing and silverballs and heart (really girly haha) and I put them on display along with my cakestand and 3d mockups of my work. Really pleased with the entire display :)

Also my business cards freshly printed from Moo - I got a series of designs because I get bored easily, so used my favourite subject (food!) for the image part.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Have been busy busy busy! Have done a magazine cover for a marketing magazine called PSMG which should hopefully be coming out soon! I'm also working on a logo for Neath & Port Talbot County Council for their biodiversity project.
Apart from that I've been working in a call centre to pay the bills..well thats until I start my new fulltime graphic design job next week! So SO SO excited to be doing design everyday for a living! 

Oh yeah, I found out my work had been blown up huuge in the foyer at uni, so here's a picture of me posing with my Love & Hate prints. I want to ask them if I can keep them for myself haha. 

Monday, 1 August 2011

Christmas Pud

Working on Christmas Card designs... at the moment I'm using a lot of hand-drawn type and flat, pastel block colours. Hoping to make a set in this style...

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Tigerpint Christmas

My entry for the Tigerprint 'Gifted' competition. I had a lot of good feedback on the hates & love project I did so decided to do something similar for this – the idea is to simply make people smile and to combine the commercial and fun things about Christmas with the real reason why we celebrate it :)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

New Designers

I exhibited at New Designers last week - such an amazing opportunity! The quality of the work there was incredible and to be honest I was in awe of a lot of the other universities work displayed. here are a few photos I took:

Hates and Loves

One of my favourite projects of the year, my hand-drawn typographic posters of anonymous things that make people smile and anonymous things people get pissed off with. This set was mainly designed specifically for my exhibition because I wanted something that people could relate to, and since a lot of them were collected from my friends and classmates etc they could see their thoughts within my work (anonymously of course)

I displayed these at New Designers and was really surprised with the amount of interest in them, so I'm gonna develop these with new ideas. Maybe card designs/t-shirts..